Our prices are based on our operational costs for flying the airplanes. You typically pay for flight time only. Longer stand-by times for the pilot can be negotiated at the time of purchase. If it's a quick turn around, I usually have plenty to keep myself busy at your destination. 


Call Jay directly for  AirFerryExpress pricing

Our Beaver Floatplane Details

Speed: 110 mph

Range with full fuel: 500 miles 

Capacity with full fuel: 630 pounds of passengers and cargo.

Seats: 1 pilot and 7 passengers

Cabin space: Cavernous. A single passenger seat in the cockpit with 2 bench seats in the cabin allow for a spacious ride for 5 adult passengers or a combination of kids and adults and still have plenty of room for reasonably sized bags.


*Please note that with the amphibious floats installed on our airplane, we are not able to fill all 7 passenger seats with adults.


So you may be thinking, "what if I'm by myself?".

If the cost is a concern, we encourage you to fly with friends and family. The more people we can add to the flight, the less each passenger will pay for a seat and you'll get to share an experience that will be difficult to describe to those left at home. If you happen to book the exact same flight at the exact same time as someone else, we think you should probably meet that person anyway and you can both save some money. 


Rather than leaving you hanging on what it might cost to fly with us, we included some typical trips where people might be going with what they'd be taking with them. These flight scenarios are based on maximum weight and fuel for the aircraft.

Beaver Floatplane Example Trip Costs


* Seattle from the sky

Fly with 5 friends from Gig Harbor to Seattle's Lake Union, around the Space Needle and return to Gig Harbor.

Cost: $80 per person


* You and your friends fly to Lake Cushman for the day

Four people totaling 700 pounds can take 95 pounds of cargo on a 1 hour flight to a lake destination and return.

Cost: $156 per person.

* A day at the lake with family and a picnic

Two adults totaling 350 pounds and 3 kids totaling 300 pounds can take 100 pounds of cargo total on an 1 1/2 hour flight to a lake destination and return.

Cost: $187 per person. 

*An extended camp trip for two to a remote corner of Lake Chelan

Two people totaling 350 pounds can take 280 pounds of cargo on a 2 hour flight to a lake destination and return.

Cost: $2,496 per person. (Aircraft will need to return to Gig Harbor and take a second flight to retrieve the guests).

All prices above are subject to tax.

Please contact us to book your flight.