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Jay PerryCook with The Olympic Mountains in the background

Your Pilot

Jay PerryCook

Jay PerryCook discovered the spirit of flight in 1997 when he spent a summer day at the Watsonville, CA airport observing and dreaming of flying an airplane. After visiting the local flight school, Jay launched a personal endeavor to save his pennies, study for his FAA knowledge test and read all he could on the history of aviation.


What aviation provided to the people of remote areas in the 1920s and 30s became a passion of Jay's. The coordination of knowledge, senses, machine, judgment and precision of flight became an attractive challenge. 


Fast forward to today and Jay has logged over 3,500 flight hours, holds an FAA Multi-Engine Airline Transport Pilot's Certificate, a Single-Engine Commercial Seaplane Rating, a Single-Engine Land and Seaplane Flight Instructor's certificate and founded, owns and operates PerryCook Flight Services out of Gig Harbor, WA.

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