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1959 De Havilland Beaver N8134G Lake Cushman WA


Nineteen Fifty Nine de Havilland Beaver

The Beaver is the iconic workhorse of the Canadian and Alaskan backcountry. Designed and produced after the second world war, the Beaver was used by both the military and the many flight service providers of Canada, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. 60 years later and still serving as the backbone of the flight service industry in these regions, is a testament to the rugged and serviceable design of the de Havilland Beaver.  

Our Beaver is fitted with amphibious floats allowing us to takeoff and land from paved airports or from our many lakes in the Pacific Northwest. 

*Due to the extremely corrosive nature of saltwater, we do not service any Puget Sound saltwater destinations at this time.

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